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For who ? 

For all eco-responsible entrepreneurs looking for a main activity or to diversify an existing activity related to environmental protection. For the water to stay blue, we must act TOGETHER with committed players.

Welcome to:

- Eco-responsible entrepreneurs and motivated investors in reconversion

- Port and marina operators

- Shipyard

- Maritime works companies

- Sanitizers in search of development in the nautical industry...

And all those who wish to participate in the preservation of our primary resource, water.

Pour qui ?
Ecotank Partner : Professionnels de la mer

Sea professionals

Ecotank Partner : Passionnés de la mer

Passionate  of the sea

Ecotank Partner : Investisseur privés

Private investors

Ecotank Partner : Reconversion professionnelle


Ecotank Partner : Assainisseur Terrestre

Land sanitizers

Ecotank Partner : Professionnels de la mer

Intended for fishermen, yacht captains and merchant marine professionals.

Ecotank Partner : Passionnés de la mer

Accessible  to all people from all walks of life with a passion for the sea, boats and convictions for the protection of the environment.

Ecotank Partner : Assainisseur Terrestre

For companies close to port environments


Diversify your asset portfolio by investing in a Master's Degree in France or abroad.

Ecotank Partner : Reconversion professionnelle

For individuals wishing to undertake as closely as possible to their values

Ecotank Partner : Quel genre d'entrepreneur êtes vous ?
Ecotank Partner : Quel genre d'entrepreneur êtes vous ?

What kind of entrepreneur 

are you 

The different investor profiles:

Ecotank Partner : Investisseur national / master licence / master franchise
Ecotank Partner : Investisseur local

local investor

A single sector including
2 to 3 border ports. 


Ecotank Partner : Investisseur local / secteur / ports / bateau / salariés

1 sector 

1 to 3 neighboring port(s)

1 boat 

1 to 2 employees

200 k€


Regional investor

A region comprising a few sectors. 

3 sectors 

7 to 12 border ports

3 to 10 boats 

5 to 15 employees


Ecotank Partner : Investisseur régional / secteur / ports / bateau / salariés

350 to 800 k€

domestic investor 

A territory comprising several dozen sectors. 

Ecotank Partner : Investisseur national / secteur / ports / bateau / salariés

1 territory 

10 - 20 sectors 

30 - 50 ports

10 - 20 sub-franchisees 

20 - 40 boats



Ecotank Partner : Zoom Meeting

Your contact person 

Adrian RIBAU


+33 6 66 51 42 46


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