so that the water remains blue all over the globe!


EcoTank geographic concession


Operate under the EcoTank banner


Marketing materials, training and technologies


Innovative pollution control equipment


Market research and analysis of potential revenues in your sector


EcoTank Partner offers you THE first eco-responsible brand license with an exclusive geographic concession to all entrepreneurs committed to sustainable development. You will have access to tools and materials adapted to the trades of pollution control, sanitation, boat dismantling and the management of water sports waste.

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Since 2010, Ecotank has been part of the Azuretrend group which has given rise to a synergy of companies that address several issues, always related to the environment and boating. From the deconstruction of an eco-responsible boat, to the bacteriological disinfection of a ship, the Ecotank PARTNER will access a pool of tools, knowledge and training.

Ecotank Partner is based on a new concept, the multi-service work boat, a real floating mobile station which aims to respond to many environmental issues in ports and coastal areas. This tool makes it possible to significantly limit the harmful environmental impact of yachting and boating on the environment by collecting soiled solid and liquid waste.

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Pollution control equipment and equipment for EcoTank licensees are offered at a preferential rate. By becoming Ecotank Partner you become THE exclusive Ecotank, Ecoboat and Emergen'Sea distributor in your sector.

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For who ?

For all eco-responsible entrepreneurs who are looking for a main activity or to diversify an existing activity in connection with the protection of the environment. To keep the water blue, we have to act TOGETHER with committed stakeholders.

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Welcome to:

- eco-responsible entrepreneurs and motivated investors in reconversion

- operators of ports and marinas

- shipyard

- maritime works companies

- fresheners in development research in the nautical industry ...

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And all those who wish to participate in the preservation of our primary resource, water.